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    Towing Rockford IL

    Towing Rockford has been providing cheap towing services in Rockford and other emergency roadside assistance services for many years. Our team of experienced tow truck drivers has been serving the community for many years. There are many other tow truck companies in Rockford that you can call but if you are googling “tow truck near me” and want the best tow services at the most affordable rates, then you need to call Rockford Towing Services.

    Our 24 hour roadside services include light duty towing, medium duty towing, heavy duty towing, fuel or gas delivery, car battery jump starts, flat tire change, and car unlocking services. Our tow truck company has found a balance between providing high quality towing services and still keeping our prices fair and low. Don’t fall for the tricks of the cheapest local tow company that will offer their services at dirt cheap prices but you will soon realize why they are so cheap. Companies like that will not be in a rush to get to you. You may sit there for hours waiting for service or they may not handle your car with care. For example, while towing your car, the may scratch or dent the exterior surface or they may damage your car door window while trying to get your keys out. Dishonest companies like this may not even tell you about the damage or tell you they do not care because they did not charge you much for their services. Call 815-362-6220 for the best towing services in Rockford, IL.

    Roadside Assistance

    Roadside emergencies are not just towing services. As many drivers know, there are other car issues that can come up while you are on the road. These issues include getting a flat tire, having a dead car battery, running out of gas and needing a company that delivers fuel, or locking your keys in the car. Our towing company in Rockford IL provides all these services for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Vehicle Towing Service

    You may need your car or motorcycle towed because of a minor or major car wreck. The car may also be sitting in your driveway or garage with a dead battery and needs to be towed to a car repair shop. Regardless of why you need a car or truck towed, Rockford Towing Services can help you. Give us a call to learn more about our car towing services in Rockford and surrounding areas.

    Fuel Delivery Service

    Many drivers have found themselves in the situation of overestimating how far they can drive with the gas left in their gas tank. They ignore or don’t see the low fuel warning light. You can end up driving in an area and have a hard time finding a gas station that is close. If you are stuck somewhere with little or a completely empty gas tank, call Rockford Fuel Delivery Services. We are here to help asap!

    Battery Jump Start Service

    Imagine this – You are already running late for work, interview, or a very important appointment. You get in the car and try to start the ignition but the car does not start. You realize your car battery is dead. Don’t panic! Call Rockford battery jump start services now! One of our helpful drivers will arrive at your location asap and jump start your dead car battery or tow your to a car repair place.

    Car Lockout Service

    There are many reasons why you can end up with your car doors locked with the keys stuck inside. You can be carrying many shopping bags, grocery bags, or carrying your child’s car seat into the house and that quick distraction causes you to lock your doors with the keys still inside! They may even be locked in the trunk. If you need a local car locksmith in Rockford IL or cheap car unlock services, give us a call today at 815-362-6220.

    Flat Tire Change Service

    Finding out you have a flat tire can ruin your day but to quickly solve this problem, call Rockford Flat Tire Changing Services. We will put air in your tire or if you need a new tire, we can tow your car to a nearby tire store. We can also replace that flat tire with the spare tire that is in your trunk. Our very helpful team member can even check the tire air pressure of your other tires that are not flat so you’re safe to be back on the road!

    this image shows towing services in Rockford, IL
    this image shows towing services in Rockford, IL

    Why Choose Us

    Experienced Drivers

    Our team of certified mechanics are experts in the field and have the knowledge and experience to handle almost any truck repair task.

    Experienced Skills

    Our drivers have years of experience dealing with different roadside emergency situations.

    Affordable Services

    We keep our prices low and fair. Overcharging for roadside services is not what we do.

    Trusted Work

    We guarantee that you will be impressed with the service that you will receive from our towing company.

    Rockford Roadside Services

    this image shows fuel delivery service in Rockford, IL

    Drivers should often check how much gas they have left in their car. If you are going on a long road trip, make sure you start out with a full tank of gas in your car and be aware of the location of the gas stations in the cities you will pass through on your trip. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with an empty tank. You can be stuck in an unsafe neighborhood or a part of town where there are no close gas stations or commercial businesses. Whether you mistakenly forgot to check your gas tank gauge or you thought the amount you had in the car would get you to your destination without needing to fill up, you can always call our fuel delivery services in Rockford IL. Call 815-362-6220.

    this image shows truck towing in Rockford, IL

    When you have unfortunately been in a car wreck and need your car or truck towed home or to a car repair shop, you should call Rockford Towing Services. We are here to assist you for 24 hours so always know that there is a caring towing company that is ready to help you. Besides being in a wreck, you may need to tow your car from your driveway to a repair place because the car won’t start. Whatever the reason is that you need a tow for, our cheap towing services are what you will need. We have experience towing all types of cars and trucks including luxury cars and even motorcycles. Our drivers handle your property like it is our own. If you need 24 hour tow truck services in Rockford IL, get in touch with us at 815-362-6220.

    this image shows battery jump start services in Rockford, IL

    The most common way drivers deal with dead batteries is to jump start them. Some drivers carry a set of jumper cables with them in their car. However, most drivers don’t even own jumper cables. If you do happen to have jump start cables, you also need to find another driver who can jump start your car battery using their car. There are many friendly drivers that can stop to help you but if you cannot find someone, you can end up being stranded. Like we mentioned, most drivers do not own or carry jumper cables. So when you are stuck with a dead car battery, you will need local battery jump start services in Rockford IL. Your car battery may only need a jumpstart which we can help with but if it needs to be replaced, we can tow your car or truck to a close by car repair shop.

    this image shows tire change services in Rockford, IL

    Have you ever walked out of your office building after a long work day, ready to go home and rest only to find that your car has a flat tire. We have been in this situation too. It can also happen while you are leaving home to get to an important appointment. It is a frustrating and annoying situation to find yourself in. However, it is not the end of the world if this happens to you. Flat tires can be caused by a nail or sharp object, old tires, bad roads, heat or over pumped tires. If you are looking for flat tire services in Rockford, call us at 815-362-6220. We provide cheap tire changing services in Rockford IL.

    this image shows lockout services in Rockford, IL

    We get calls from drivers who have accidentally locked their keys in the car and have no spare keys. When it is just their keys, purse and phone locked in, its not a big deal. However, some drivers accidentally lock not only their keys inside but also their child or pet. If a child is old enough to understand what is happening, you can ask them to open the doors or windows but if the child is too young to understand, they cannot help you get to the keys or open the doors. Same goes for your pet. If this happens on a day with extreme heat or cold, leaving your child or pet in the car can be deadly. Most drivers will go into panic mode, so we urge you to quickly search for a “car locksmith near me” and one of our drivers will quickly be sent to the location you provide.

    They will unlock your car without causing damage to the doors or windows. So if you have accidentally locked your keys in your car or you lost them, call us for cheap car unlock services in Rockford IL. Our drivers are available for 24 hours so even at 2AM, you can reach out to us for quick vehicle unlocking services in Rockford IL.

    this image shows towing services in Rockford, IL

    Many drivers surprisingly don’t know that local tow truck companies including ours provide other services besides towing. However, we are not saying that all Rockford Towing Companies offer this. Our company knows and understands that drivers will have roadside emergencies besides the ones that require towing services. If you have been driving long enough, you may have experienced some roadside problems like finding out that your car battery is dead or weak, your tire is flat or maybe you are low or worse, out of fuel. These are all issues that drivers can face on the road. Most drivers don’t know how to change a car tire and some do not have battery jumper cables in their car. Isn’t it good and comforting to know that if you need any roadside emergency assistance in Rockford IL, you can always call 815-362-6220 and one of our tow truck drivers will be sent to you ASAP! If you are ever in the Milton, Ontario area, reach out to our partners at caa roadside assistance.


    What Our Customers Say

    I called them in the evening & a driver showed up 45 minutes later. They were quick to load, move, and unload my truck. The driver was very professional. I would recommend them to others & their price was reasonable as well.
    Jeremy Gray

    They provide really great service. Have good rates & the friendliest drivers. We’ve used them twice when our car broke down in Rockford. Saved their number for any future emergencies. We recommend them to everyone.
    John Porter

    Towing Company in Rockford IL

    Tow Truck Service Rockford IL is a recognized tow automobile company in Rockford with many years of experience in this work. We have actually become prominent due to our fast services, good rates along with good interaction skills. We are constantly open at all times every day of the year! When you are in an emergency situation or if you require roadside assistance, our team is here for you.

    We take pride in providing you with all kinds of tows: basic roadside assistance, emergency situation tows (anytime and anywhere – day or night), steep hills, crash recovery and much more. 

    We value your vehicles. That is why we take excellent care while towing or transporting it from one area to another. We have a number of tow trucks in our team with a capacity of handling cars, trucks, and motorcycles. So, regardless if you call us for road side help, emergency situation tows or any type of other kind of automobile transportation services, we have you covered. We provide our customers with 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Rockford IL. Our prices are quite economical compared to others and also they vary depending upon the service asked for and the distance traveled.